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Routes of the company goes as far back as 1925 or even beyond , The company with over 90 years of experience is today in the forefront of passenger transport and the tourism industry, with the largest privately owned fleet of vehicles in the island.

The only self sufficient passenger transport company to handle over 200 vehicles all owned and registered in the company’s name with back up services such as filling stations, vehicle service station, maintenance workshop and garages. Workshop is manned by well trained, competent personnel attending to all maintenance work and repairs of the fleet. The vast experience of over nine decades has made Ebert Silva Touring Co. (Pvt) Ltd an unmatched leader in the field of passenger transport in Sri Lanka.

Ebert Silva Forwarding and Clearing Company (Pvt) Ltd, was established in 1997 to complement the core business of passenger transportation by having a service station and a workshop at S. De. S. Jayasinghe Mawatha in kohuwela. While providing support services to the touring company, the fuel station and its vehicle service facility provides invaluable service to the community in and around Kohuwela.

Our knowledge based on practical experience over the years leading and guiding visitors around this most spectacular part of Asia. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best experience of a lifetime.


To be the undisputed leader in the travel and transport industry in Sri Lanka.


To pursue excellence and superior performance in all what we do to enhance the long term interests of all our stake holders in a socially responsible manner.

Core Values

  • Uncompromising ethical and professional standards of performance
  • Create a learning culture that promotes individual and organizational development as well as promoting innovation and value for customers
  • Encourage and promote teamwork in all aspects of performance
  • Open to feedback and demonstrate an eagerness for organizational development
  • Treat all national and international customers the way we would like to be treated.
  • Monitor and demonstrate an impressive commitment to results

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